Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How will my photo be judged?

A. GAWPC consists of four (4) rounds of evaluation to find a winner based on technical aspect, photo quality and abide with GAWPC rules. The process in selecting the best photos and the honorable winners in GAWPC are involving rating from creditable Qualification Round Judges and scoring from 2014 GAWPC Honorary Judging Committee.


Q. What are the prizes?

A. You will received international exposure and media coverage, winning photo showcase at GAWPC website and Garuda Indonesia Colour Magazine, Trophy, Certificate and Cash money.


Q. Where I can read or know the winner announcement?

A. Committee will send a notification through the registered telephone, email or address you have submitted in your Profile at Setting page ( And winner announcement will be able to be seen in GAWPC website (


Q. Will all Finalist be attended the Photo Hunting Trip in Indonesia?

A. Yes, all Finalist will be fled to Jakarta-Flores-Jakarta-home on Committees expenses (as long as your country has Garuda Indonesia route), except for personal expenses. The Final Round Photo Hunting Trip duration is up to 7 days, 6 nights.


Q. How about if my country is not mentioned (others), while I'm a Finalist. What is the arrangement?

A. Disregarding Finalist nationality, all transportation will be arranged by Garuda Indonesia.


Q. What is the theme to win as Special Recognition?

A. Special Recognition is a special awards given to the Winner based on the theme and activities on the running GAWPC event.
The theme of GAWPC 2014 Special Recognition is "Garuda Indonesia Explore".
The finalist has to deliver their best shot of Garuda Indonesia Explore's aircraft, ATR 72-600 on GAWPC 2014 Grand Final at Labuan Bajo. The theme may changed due to the aircraft availability.



Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. Entry is free of charge. There is no any charge to participate in GAWPC. Entrants are however expected to pay Internet connection fees and other costs associated with submitting their entries.


Q. Who qualifies?

A. The contest is open to everyone, whether professional or amateur and regardless of nationality, age or sex. Those under 18 years of age may participate with the permission of a parent or guardian.


Q. Will submissions be returned?

A. No, submitted photographs or any data files will not be returned.


Q. Is there any certain period time for photos being taken?

A. Photos are limited by the intake period time, photos that is taken from 2011 onward are eligible to join this contest, and as long as photos have never or have never been published for the purpose of commercial or previously have won an award in any Photography Contest.


Q. Is image manipulation allowed in the photo contest?

A. Minor burning, dodging, and color correction are acceptable as is cropping. Watermarks in any form are NOT acceptable. We trust our users to keep it real, submit unaltered files and undamaged metadata (EXIF). We can not research every photo entry. However, if a photo is chosen as a Finalist, it will be scrutinised for possible alterations.


Q. Should there be a watermark/copyright information added to the photo?

A. No. All photo must be clear of any copyright information. Any photos that do contain photographers names on the photo or any other watermark/copyright information, will be disqualified from being Finalist and Winner.


Q. The theme is "Amazing World", do my photos have to related to or regarding Indonesia?

A. No, the photos regarding any amazing places in the world you have captured. Using this theme you are expected to describe any amazing places in the world by exposing the 3 aspects of Nature, Culture and People within a beautiful photo.


Q. Can I enter my photo in other contest or competition? Can I submit to other contest whilst waiting GAWPC Finalist Announcement or should I wait after the announcement?

A. If you are not a Finalist or Winner, yes, you may enter into other photographer contest. We have no exclusivity right to non Finalist or non Winner photo. However, photo that have been published and that have won any awards will not be accepted and Entrant can not be chosen as GAWPC Finalist.


Q. What kind of event considered as a photo Contest? What kind of prizes considered as an award?

A. Use the definition "Contest" stated in Use the definition "Award" stated in The GAWPC 2014 committee fully reserves the right to qualify or disqualify entries and its decision is final.


Q. Can I e-mail my submissions directly to Garuda Indonesia or

A. No. Entries can only be submitted via Note that files sent in error to other locations will not be accepted.



Q. How do I know my registration have succeeded?

A. After registering as GAWPC entrant you'll receive automated confirmation email from GAWPC at your submitted email address upon registering process


Q. How to deliver the photo?

A. Upload button only appear after login. To do so, you need to register and enlisted as participant. Just click on Facebook Connect or go to Sign Up form at After login, the upload button appear on the upper right side, next to your User Name (Menu Setting).


Q. What size/format photo should I submit?

A. Each digital file (photo) must be:


Suggested Photo specifications are:


Q. What are the technical requirement that I should know before I submit a photo?

A. Each digital file (photo):
Must be in digital format.
Only online entries will be eligible.
No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Contest.
The photo need to be taken with a digital camera (d-slr, pocket, mirrorless).
Photo taken from wireless devices (cellphone, tablet, smartphone), scans of negatives, transparencies, or photographic prints are not acceptable.
Over digital manipulation, including watermarks and adding creative element in any form (such as frame, montage, stamp, partially POI desaturation/cut-out etc) are NOT acceptable.
Photo that contain any kind of nudity/gore are NOT acceptable.
Broken image, double submission or missed orientation are unacceptable.
Does not meet contest quality standard and/or does not match contest theme.
Taken within three years (from Jan 1, 2011 00:00 GMT+7 onwards), mark by EXIF metadata.
Any changes to the original Photo not itemized here and causing damage metadata (EXIF) are unacceptable.
The GAWPC 2014 committee fully reserves the right to qualify or disqualify entries and its decision is final.


Q. Are photo submission from scans of negatives, transparencies, or photographic prints acceptable?

A. No. Because we rely some of the informations from the extraction of photo metadata (EXIF). These informations are not limited to photo timestamp (photo date taken is within three years, not older than Jan 1, 2011 00:00 GMT+7), photo taken by camera (d-slr, pocket, mirror less) or wireless device (cellphone, tablet, smartphone) and others.


Q. How many photo can I submit?

A. You can enter a maximum of 15 photos. You may enter as many categories as you wish. But you can only be a Finalist in one (1) category only.


Q. A photo that I took after I entered the contest is better than my original submission. Can I cancel my previous entry and submit the new work in its place?

A. Yes, you can cancel/delete the submission after 2x24 hours prior to upload and re-submit the new work, as long as it is done during the entry period. You have quota of 15 photo in total.


Q. After submission period ends, can I delete my submitted photos?

A. No, you can not cancel/delete the photo. Your photo will be shown until the next GAWPC website launch.


Q. Will I be notified when my photo submission is received?

Entrants are not notified when their submissions are received; however, there is a notification text emerge on your screen when you have succeed in uploading your photo. You can also check all of your photo submission from your personal Gallery by sign-in to your account.


Q. I kept having problems uploading data or photo.

A. Try reading the instructions on the entry form again or at FAQ page. If you are unable to resolve the problem after reading the instructions, send an E-mail inquiry to Your email will be responded within 2x24 hours at the latest.


Q. Why I can not see my photos in the Gallery immediately after I upload it?.

A. All photo submissions are curated before being published. The committee reserves the right to disqualify entries that violate the law or show any people, places or subjects in an uncomplimentary way. Entrant will received email notification if their photo is being reject.


Q. Can I see my submitted photo in the website?

A. Your photo will be displayed in the photo contest gallery ( and you can also check all of your photo submission from your personal Gallery by logging into your account.



For any questions that are not in the list above, please contact us directly using our online form here