Shafayet Hossain Apollo's Account

Shafayet Hossain Apollo

I have been fully devoted to photography for the last 15 years. There were times when I was called to make great sacrifices for sustaining my passion for photography. I gave up many things in life for what I love to do. The difficulty I had to go through, will hopefully lead to success and better days in the future. Now I am a freelance advertising and commercial photographer. On 30 September, 2011, I resigned from my post in an advertising firm to devote myself to freelance photography. Besides my profession I like to take photos of landscape, nature, fine art etc. I completed my education in B.Sc. in Leather technology under the University of Dhaka. I worked as a leather technologist for 10 months, and I realized that my future does not lie there, so I resigned and started working as a photographer. Instead of a leather technologist, I turned out to become a professional photographer. Bangladesh