Shantanu Das's Account

Shantanu Das

As a child, I was very fond of a prehistoric 120-format Agfa click 3 camera owned by my uncle. Every time we went out for a vacation, my uncle used to carry that magic lantern with him. As a little boy, I was never allowed to touch the camera and that only instigated my curiosity about the machine. God knows from where I got the idea that there is someone who lives inside a camera and creates the plants, hills, sunsets and human beings who always smile. Years later and much before I started freelance photography, the myth of a man who lives inside a camera was exposed, but the fantasy and magic that revolves around photography still lingers on...

I’m now in the field of photography for the last 15 years. I regularly participate in all major National and International photographic exhibitions and competitions and have received various national and international awards and accolades for my work.

I’ve hitherto participated in a bevy of exhibitions around the world; be it at Spain, the Caribbean islands, Philippines, Austria and Germany etc apart from many cities across India.